In 2018 I decided to commit to the goal of eating and training specifically, and exclusively for muscle size. It may seem weird that as a coach I sought out the guidance of another coach. But I wanted the best guidance out there. For the goal in mind, it made logical sense to seek out someone who is deep in the world of bodybuilding competition preparation… as they’re the most jacked people…ever.

Not only that, but partnering with someone who works primarily within this niche aim of clientele. Would allow me to learn as a coach myself. Through @flex_success, it turns out @daltonfranke was the man for the job.

Dalton’s guidance is the main reason why I’m now 4 odd kilos heavier than what I was in February, being the last time I was this lean.


The level of evidence based knowledge, ‘in the trenches’ experience, and mutably agreeable logic’, has been outstanding.

I was also glad to develop a close relationship with Dalton during the time that allowed me to learn even more than what I signed up for. Dalton and Dean have both featured on the Macabolic Podcast, and I am truly thrilled to now call these two heavy weights industry friends.

Both the gains, and knowledge I have accrued as a result of working with Dalton is invaluable, and will certainly contribute to the methodologies I use with my clientele in the future.

jake herbert