The Macabolic Mini Cut 

The Macabolic Mini Cut 

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An aggressive 8 weeks rapid fat loss program, designed to get a big chunk of fat off fast.

  • A flexible, preference based, easy to understand plan.

  • Never harder than it needs to be, with a proven results track record.

  • Develop & implement a logical approach to eating. Keep your results, and stay ‘lean for life’.

  • Diet only, or option to add flexible resistance training program, by Will Berkman.

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  • Designed to get a big chunk of fat off fast. That is never harder than it needs to be and hugely mitigates common drawbacks associated with aggressive diets such as the risk of muscle loss, the development of disordered eating habits, and post diet weight regain.


  • Be pushed to learn as much as possible throughout the program via the autonomous Excel based program structure, and Facebook community. Learn how to apply a new understanding of diet principals and logical know-how, to stay ‘lean for life’.


  • Gain access to the private Macabolic coaching Facebook community. Ask questions, share recipes, ideas, tip and view helpful content, posted daily.


  • Have your progress reviewed weekly. Via an easy 2 minute check in document. Providing me with relevant information to ask questions, and make any required changes to ensure progress is made.


  • Maximise the return you get from your dietary efforts by adding a Will Berkman designed training program to your mini cut.

  • Ensure you’re lifting with adequate intensity and volume each time you go to the gym they take the guesswork out of keeping your muscles as you get lean.



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Will I regain the weight I lost?

If post diet weight regain occurs it’s almost all a factor of poor education throughout the diet, and poor diet execution itself. Post diet weight regain should NOT OCCUR!

The risk of post diet regain is not totally a factor of diet aggression. It’s also a factor of levels of needless restriction, time spent dieting and the desired weight loss goal.

The program template and autonomous structure of the MBMC. Combined with the Facebook community, provides the dieter with a vehicle to develop a new approach to food, and dieting. That’s based on principals, backed with a solid foundation of ‘know-how’ and newly developed healthy habits. That can be integrated into life post mini cut, in order maintain the fat loss achieved.


Will I lose muscle mass in a diet like this?


Provided training stimulus and protein intake is sufficient. Provided you’re not already very lean, the risk of muscle loss is hugely over played, and easily mitigated with correct diet and training execution. The situation becomes more a case of ‘diet as aggressively as you want, provided you can still adhere to the diet, and maintain sufficient training performance”.

Protein is something covered in the Macabolic Mini Cut. However, training in a deep calorie deficit can be difficult. This is where training willpower with the help of caffeine will likely come in handy.

Having an objectively designed training program helps. It uses real data that by passes misleading thoughts and feeling to ensure the training stimulus is sufficient.


Is the diet program appropriate for vegetarians?

There is a massive list of 23 protein dense food options within the Macabolic Mini Cut diet template.
So if you’re a vegetarian who still eats eggs and dairy, you’ll have no problems what so ever.

However, if you don’t eat eggs and dairy, you’re starting to limit your options. But you will still be okay.
Unfortunately there are very limited vegan protein options for vegans. So I’d advise vegans to pass on this one.


How much weight will I lose?


Everyone is different, and there are many factors at play here. With that being said, it’s been common for past Macabolic Mini Cutters to loose up to 10% of their starting body weight throughout the program.

The average drop from starting body weight for the November 2018 MBMC was 7.4%. This is 1% drop in body weight per week! A very rapid rate of weight loss, which might scare some people.
With that being said, have modest expectations.

There are too many factors at play for me to give any clear expectations.


Why would it be better to diet quickly verses slowly?

Diet risk formula-03.jpg

This isn’t a question of better or worse. It depends!

Considering the commonly perceived risks of fast, rapid dieting are hugely overplayed, not true and/or mitigated through logical diet structure and execution.

Then I’ll say if you’re eligible to be appropriate for an aggressive, rapid fat loss diet. Then go for it!

At the end of the day. Why diet longer than you need to? When you can go hard, get it over and done with fast. So you can go back to a sustainable level of healthy habit based, weight maintenance eating there after.


Is the diet a meal plan or macros for My Fitness Pal/ flexible dieting?

The templates cater for both options. The Macabolic Mini Cut diet program is delivered via an Excel spreadsheet that provides macros, with an integrative meal plan structure. So the answer is; you can do both!

The template adopts a ‘build your own meal’ approach. Where you can select foods based off an accurate food database/list that I have developed using reliable data (major downfall of My Fitness Pal).

The only requirements with the ‘build your own meal’, or ‘build your own diet’ is that the macro nutrient intakes are close to the targets, by the end of the day.

If you wish to track exclusively on My Fitness Pal throughout the Macabolic Mini Cut. You’re more than welcome to do so, provided you’re an advanced, and experienced flexible dieter.


How many meals per day can I eat?

The diet templates cater for preference in both food selection, AND meal timing and meal number.

In terms of meal number of frequency. You can eat between 1-4 meals per day.

The only requirement is that the final daily macro targets are closely met.

The program is very flexible, based on convenience, preferences, schedule, lifestyle to maximise the most important diet factor, being adherence.

All needless restriction is eliminated from the program, it’s never harder than it should or needs to be.



What are the mini cut training templates?

The Macabolic Minicut training templates are evidence-based exercise programs that combine moderate volumes of no-frills lifting with customisability based off of your circumstances.

The training templates allow selection of exercises based off of familiarity and availability. They then adjust the loads and volumes prescribed on a week-by-week basis depending on your performance and subjective ratings of fatigue and difficulty so that you are always working hard enough to get the best results, without ever driving yourself into the ground.

You will be asked to choose your preferred exercises from within each category, and then record the weights you lift, the repetitions performed, and subjectively rate the difficulty of the exercises and sessions when you go to the gym. Your program will automatically update on the basis of this feedback.

What is included in the training template?

You will be asked to choose from 3, 4 or 5 day training templates. All of the templates operate on the same basic principles, however they are designed with different people in mind.

The 3-day template

Is designed for people with unpredictable schedules, or those with exercise commitments away from the gym such as social sport. It provides 3 full-body training sessions that can be completed in less than an hour.

It begins with the lowest volumes of all of the templates, although this will adjust based off of your response to the training.

Because every session stimulates all of the major muscle groups, it allows some leeway with the frequency of overall training whilst still ensuring you get adequate stimulus in every time you go to the gym.

Due to the simplicity of this template, it is also a great choice for those beginning going to the gym.

The 4-day template

Is the default suggestion for training, with a basic split of upper body/lower body training performed twice per week. Each session should take 45-60 minutes.

The volumes per session and per week are slightly higher to begin with than the 3 day template, as each major muscle group is hit twice per week, rather than three times.

The 4-day training template is a great choice for intermediate trainees, and even more advanced lifters who want to keep days spare for other forms of exercise whilst still doing enough lifting to maintain their gains.

The 5-day template

Is a more-advanced training template suggested for higher-level intermediate or advanced trainees (>2yrs of structured training experience). The program is split into 2 heavier, “strength-focused” days of training, and 3 lighter “hypertrophy-focused” days.

The weekly volumes are similar to begin with to the 4-day templates but, due to the inclusion of some heavier sets, are still more taxing.

The 5-day template is best for lifters for whom going to the gym is their main form of activity, and for whom technique in large compound lifts is well-developed, enabling them to safely handle heavy loads.

All of the templates include a variety of exercise choices to fill each slot of the program and will adjust your loads and volumes to keep you on track. All of the templates also include access to the online support page for the Macabolic Minicut for troubleshooting.  

Who are the training templates suited for? How advanced do I have to be?

The templates can be performed by lifters ranging from relative newbies to the advanced. Because the templates allow you to select your own exercises, it is possible to substitute less technically demanding lifts in, such as changing squats to leg presses, or machine exercises for free weights exercises.

However, if you have NO weight training experience, your time will be better spent receiving instruction on the basic exercises from a personal trainer. The templates do not include instructional material or technical guidance, and until technique is relatively well-developed, in-person, real-time feedback is by far more beneficial for improving the execution of any lift.

The templates are also not suitable for lifters who are injured or returning from injury without clearance for full-training. Where you have received professional advice that exercises may be performed with modification, the templates may allow suitable substitutes to be selected.

Can I use the minicut training templates without weights?

No. The templates allow for a wide range of exercise selections, meaning that even very minimalist gym setups can still allow for the completion of all training. However, they are designed for the progression of load within moderate repetition ranges.

As you advance, bodyweight exercises rapidly become too light relative to your abilities to be adequately stimulative, and this is compounded by the 5-10% loss in bodyweight typically experienced with the diet templates.

The minicut training templates are best performed with access to a barbell and plates, and/or dumbells and pin-loaded machines that allow for heavy lifting.

Will the lifting prevent me losing fat or make me bulky


In a word, no. Lifting weights CAN actually slow progress on the scale, however this does not represent less fat loss. Effective resistance training causes maintenance/increase in muscle size as well as increases in their stored energy content and water, all of which can slow the rate of change on the scale. However, it is precisely this maintenance of non-fat tissue that makes weight training so effective during weight loss, and the combination of resistance training and an energy deficit is demonstrably more effective at making you lean than either on their own.

As for making you bulky, building muscle is both energy-costly and slow. It takes most people (even men) months and years of deliberate training and eating to build appreciable muscle mass. Due to the aggressive nature of the Macabolic Minicut, it is unlikely that you will gain much muscle at all, let alone enough to look bulky, and especially in such a short time frame. However, the maintenance of muscle mass is the basis for a lean, toned physique.

Do the templates prescribe cardio

The minicut training templates do not prescribe cardio. Whilst cardio is beneficial for health and, to some degree, for weight loss, the minicut training templates are explicitly designed to help maximise the body composition outcomes of our trainees. To do this, our focus is on ensuring that you do productive weight training to maintain your muscle mass. Due to the aggressive and short-term nature of the diet it is unlikely that large amounts of cardio will be necessary (or even beneficial) for weight loss.

That said, it is entirely possible to include some additional cardio with the training templates, either on separate days, or after the prescribed work. For those who enjoy performing an additional 1-2 HIIT-style sessions, we suggest the 3 day weight training templates. If you prefer longer, slower forms of cardio such as walking, cycling or swimming, including this alongside the 4 day template is acceptable.



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