It all started when I applied for a part time job as a receptionist in a brand new private personal training studio in east Sydney, while I was studying industrial design at University.

Little did I know that I was entering what would become an unplanned mentorship with arguably one of the best, most experienced and critical thinking trainers in the business being Daniel Christie the owner of Oxford Performance Centre. Under Daniel’s guidance. I fell into doing a 1 year internship and a men’s physique competition, where I placed 5th in the national natural mens fitness division. He taught me everything he knows to his best ability. I then used what I learnt from Daniel, the various education, other mentors and experience I’ve been exposed to since then. To form my own views on the best approaches, practices and methodologies in the very broad and multi dimensional field that is body composition manipulation.

I am a huge proponent of practicing what I preach and have developed my own personal physique through a combination of all these experiences, both failures and successes. While simultaneously producing results and transformations with my clients to back it up.



- Mac Nutrition University (MNU) certified nutritionist
- Accredited Sports Nutritionist - ISSN Sports Nutrition Australia
- Graduate Diploma in Performance Nutrition - Guru Performance Institution (completing currently)
- Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certified nutrition coach
- Cert. III & IV in Personal Training
- Strength and Conditioning (University of Technology, Sydney 2015)
- 1 year Oxford Performance Centre internship.


“ My goal is to guide anyone who works with me, both directly and indirectly towards notable body composition goals. In order to feel and look their best. Using a no nonsense approach with the perfect balance of evidence and experienced based methodologies and practices.”


I aim to debunk the various fads, unnecessary over complicated methodologies and information that plagues the wellness industry. Including wrongly successful trends, perceptions and methods. I am to assist society in becoming better educated in order to focus on the correct path for body composition improvement. I’ve learnt so many lessons along the way, about what works, what doesn’t, the physiological and phycological factors and the mechanisms behind it all. The biggest thing, and the message I constantly preach. Is the importance of focusing on the factors of greatest magnitude that influence progression towards ones goal. In other words, I aim to “make the basics great again” and feel it’s my duty to help the world realise that placing slightly


less emphasis on the unnecessary overly complication, minor details and focusing more attention on the things that matter the most, is largely the key to looking and feeling your best. While I have obtained educational qualifications, the greatest learning I’ve been exposed to, has come from the deep experiences of trial and error through myself and my clients. Troubleshooting and finding a solution in a real world situation has made the biggest impact on my abilities in this field. I hope to help as many people avoid the mistakes I made. Because the feeling of false hope, wasted time, energy and money for an expected improvement in body composition is something that no one should have to go through.





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The Macabolic Mini Cut 
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An aggressive 8 weeks rapid fat loss program, designed to get a big chunk of fat off fast.

  • A flexible, preference based, easy to understand plan.

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  • Develop & implement a logical approach to eating. Keep your results, and stay ‘lean for life’.

  • Diet only, or option to add flexible resistance training program, by Will Berkman.

Macabolic diet coaching

Diet coaching

  • Access to the Macabolic user centered, flexible, preference based diet templates based on personal macro and calorie targets

  • Weekly check-ins, with on-going data based program adjustments, changed, support and interaction.

  • Support via email and access to private coaching group.

  • Option to add Will Berkman designed personalised training program.

Personalised Training Program
  • Access to a personalised spreadsheet containing 8 weeks of resistance training based programming. 

  • Track changes in week to week training performance, ensure progress is made and training principals are adhered to.





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